Magico M2 and S7 impressions

Spent a lot longer than I thought I would listening to the M2 and S7. It was a great experience.

When I first saw them they looked nice but rather small. I immediately felt… these can’t possibly deliver a solid low end.I spoke for a good while with the seller Mark who was extremely kind and helpful. He really knows his stuff and was very welcoming and forthcoming with his vast audio knowledge, thanks Mark!

Anyhow after a bit of an intro and discussing my needs and my current gear I sat down. Please keep in mind that the speakers are in a room that Mark admits is lean and irregularly shaped so they are not 100% ideal. Basically its a basement room that is asymmetric with an opening hall way ‘port’ going far to the right, the listening area I would estimate is about 18 x 24 x 7 feet (but not totally sure). The M2 and S7 were connected to a luxman integrated 300 watt amp with chord dave + mscaler and nordost interconnects and cables.

First Mark played a Jazz piece by Lee Morgan on his turn table. It sounded solid.. the speakers had very good staging and placement. However there was some slight noise and crackling that sometimes accompanies vinyl sound. I was eager to move to digital.

Finally we got to move to some digital and thats when I was pretty shocked. Mark played some tracks that he thought were a good demonstration of the speakers prowess.. One of them was one that showed off the speakers bass which was unlike anything I ever heard before. I am not sure if it was the speaker or the track (I have to get the name of it and try to play it on my home system) but there was an ultra precise fast low thumping that vibrated as if I was listening to bass heavy headphones. It felt as if the sound was 1 cm from my ears on both sides. I was really taken aback! I had never heard imaging so good that the sound was perceived to be literally right near to your ears. Suffice it to say the M2 has bass… it is not necessarily the most powerful thumpy bass in the world but its fast and super precise. In techno tracks I listened to (Vonda7 - Don’t hesitate and Steffi - nightspacer) I appreciated the speed and precision of the bass which I was not used to.

What blew me away the most of these speakers is the holographic soundstage. It was the best I ever heard. Listening to Nicholas gunn - Veracruz the level of immersion was unreal. I could hear hums and tones from this somewhat newage/tribal rhythm that was up and behind my head… it left me feeling completely immersed and engrossed in the sound. Its incredible that such a small speaker can accomplish such a feat. Now of course the rooms were different but I don’t recall such a large and immersive soundstage from even the Stella Utopia Evo I heard 2 weeks back!

Mark then rolled in the S7s, he did note that there not totally optimized in terms of placement and there was a bit of issue with the tilt of them on the feet they had (I think he flipped the L + R ones). They looked impressive and had bright orange ‘lamborhigni’ style paint as Mark put it :D.

S7’s also sounded crisp, clear and very detailed but brought a low end authority that I realized then that I was missing on the M2s. This made for a truly exceptional and fun listening experience because it allowed me to play some thumpy techno and be even more engaged. The low rumble still remained taut, fast and crisp which I appreciated. I am really liking the Magico sound signature… if there is one?

However something was missing. As good as the S7 was, that last bit of transparency, detail and surprisingly soundstage size was missing. The M2 was the superior speaker with respect to these qualities. The difference wasn’t night and day at all but left me just with a feeling that some of the magic that the M2 brought was lost. Reading these words sounds harsh… please do not overanalyze this… the S7 is an amazing speaker. However the M2 is just better a squeezing out every last nuance. Strings plucked in the opening of Celtic Woman - Isle of Isinfree had a sub-shimmer micro detail that has to be heard to be believed. The resolving power of the M2 is truly amazing… the S7 follows close behind!

I didn’t spend as much time with the S7 as the M2 as I started feeling bad for Mark spending so much time on me… and I had to eventually go home, but I am eager to go back and listen more.

He also had an A3 and S3 Mk2 which I hope to hear next time. Both the M2 and S7 are very impressive speakers. I urge you to listen to them. I will be coming back to them I am sure as I close in on my final decision on my speaker upgrade.

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So I listened to a song on the M2, Jeremy Blake - Limit to Your Love. I discussed it before but when the vibrating bass kicks in the M2 have this unbelieveable ability to throw out a holographic soundstage like I never heard and I heard the bass vibration right next to my ears as if I was wearing headphones.

I tried this on my home Sig S8 v2 which I thought had an excellent sound stage and holographic projection was surprised to find absolutely none of the similar effect, the bass was simply flat sounding coming from the speakers... the sense of 3D that the m2 produces is amazing.

Sadly I didn't play this song on the S7. I am interested to see if the S7 does the same. Maybe it was his room? But I don't think so because his room wasn't even optimal.
Thanks for this post. I’m also very interested in these speakers. Are you planning to buy one of this speakers ? Hope you get the good deal.
I am still contemplating. Its truly an amazing speaker but also lots of cash involved. We are talking expensive car money here. :O
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