Is this the LCD5 ?

An Unmatched Audio Experience

For more than a decade, Audeze has been a world leader in headphone technology, producing a quality of sound that stands out to the most discerning audiophile, even among a growing list of competitors.

Audeze's state-of-the-art planar magnetic transducer technology, combined with their proprietary Nano-Scale Uniforce diaphragm and Double Fluxor™ magnet array, achieves an unprecedented level of audio detail and immersion that has to be heard to be believed.

The only thing missing from the unmatched sound quality was a design expression that would help evolve the brand’s pedigree. Audeze turned to Boombang to help them take on the challenge.
Listen in Luxury

Specifically, Audeze was looking to update the design of their flagship LCD line of headphones to create a lighter, more comfortable fit and incorporate more luxury stylings, all while maintaining the level of sound quality and engineering acumen they were known for.

Adding to our challenge: Audeze also wanted to make their high-end planar magnetic technology accessible to a wider audience. To accomplish this, we developed a diffusion design strategy that allowed us to create a product for the Audiophile, Pro-sumer, and casual consumer market.

Advanced Engineering Meets Hyper-Craft

By introducing a mix of modern materials, streamlining the engineering and design processes, and enhancing Audeze’s acoustical systems, Boombang innovated new ways of harnessing their powerful technology to appeal to a variety of different—and potentially new—users.

The new LCD headphones are a unique combination of engineering and luxury-inspired finishes that don't just maintain Audeze's status in the world of high-end audio equipment but position them to be a leader in the industry for decades to come.


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