Impressions of the Spendor D7.2

I had the opportunity to visit a true gentlmen recently at Vinyl Sound in Richmond hill, Ontario. Daniel Kuburovski the owner of this audiophile haven who enthuastically invited me to audition his spendor D7.2 on the phone when I asked him about them. This was a stark contrast from another store I called that same day that hung up on me mid sentence.

Daniel's service from that call to the end of my visit was first class and easily the best interaction I have had at an audiophile store. For that alone this store should be praised.. but of course what about their wares?

The spendor D7.2 is a relatively small wood floor stander that was powered by dual 3010S2 Mono Power Amplifiers and a prima luna evo 100 preamp as well as a cambridge audio digital player.

The stature of this speaker belies the sound it produces. Going through my normal test tracks such as Nicholas gunn - Veracruz I was astonished at the massive soundstage cast by these diminutive 40 lb towers. Images were well formed in the listening room that was perhaps seemingly too large for such a small speaker. However they did a marvelous job at filling the space with a warm romantic sound. The bass was extremely generous without the faintest hint of bloat (especially again given the speakers small size). Mids were quite full and smooth leading to coherence of the overall tune into the highs also being slightly rolled and non-fatiguing yet still having a great amount of detail.

Daniel remarked that the tube preamps may have been lending itself to even more of a dark sound signature but assured me that the speakers responded well to chain adjustments in the case of a desire for a brighter sound. Female vocals were natural and relaxed in my celtic woman - isle of isinfree test track. It was as if singers were right in the center of the soundstage before you and although the last subtle nuances of their phrases and lips were not (that audiophile crystalline sound) was absent what replaced it was extremely natural. As Thomas and stereo the audiophile youtube often remarks.. sometimes audiophiles are striving to hear even salivary movement of singers. But natural speech and singing is of course not this hyperdetailed. These speakers captured true vocal detail and tonality.

These speakers worked wonderfully with my jazz test tracks portraying images in a very non fatiguing real way that lived up to the stores name 'vinyl sound'. Chris botti's trumpet was extremely soothing through the spendors where in most speakers it can be at times grating.

Near the end of my audition the entire store's ethos made sense and came together well. Spendor offers a natural, weight and smooth sound that allows for long relaxed listening sessions. I would have loved to hear the spendors with a brighter front end as I do prefer a slightly crisper brighter sound. But I can absolutely see the market for the dusky and downright beautiful slickness that spendor brings. Plenty of detail, a massive stage, great images and all in a small easily placed form factor.

I strongly recommend you audition these speakers and if in the area please visit Daniel at Vinyl sound. You have my word he will take excellent care of you.

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