3 way shootout: Abyss TC, Solitaire P and Susvara (off of DCS bartok)


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Just had a listening session today with a friend from head fi (will let him reply if he wants to be identified) comparing these headphones. Findings as below (please note that the solitaire P was at a disadvantage with only a SE cable out of the bartok, the other two were balanced and high quality silver dragon cables):

Abyss TC presented the biggest sound stage with the best imaging. Images seemed very precise and had their own air and space around them. This made the music much more immersive. Tonally the TC was warmer than soli P but cooler than Susvara. TC also had the most detailed and resolved sound. There was just this incredible 3d clarity to the sound that the other 2 headphones could not match.

Solitaire P also was very detailed and fast. It had an excellent amount of mid bass and bass extension but possibly not quite at the level of TC. In terms of resolution, imaging and soundstage I found P to be a noticeable step down from TC especially with regards to spaciousness and distinctness of sounds in the sound field. I also found at times the treble was a bit hot and initially when I heard solitaire P in isolation I felt that was probably just the song. But going back to the TC there was a smoother more refined top end extension that allowed 100% of the detail to come through without that slight brightness/harshness.

Susvara was much different than the other two. Much more laid back, relaxed and FAR smaller sounding. It still sounded great... detailed, fast and had probably the best timbre. Its mid range had a great sweetness to it but for me it lagged behind too much in terms of speed, staging, imaging. I can see someone who just wants to relax and not be bombarded with too much detail and an overly engaging sound like this susvara. The bass was well extended but not as impactful or heavy handed as the TC or SoliP.

Overall please note that all 3 headphones are fantastic and will suit different ears and use cases. But for me TC is the headphone to beat that I can see being a great all rounder.

Build of the TC was superior but all 3 are well made. Not a fan of the Soli P adjustment mechanism which doesn't feel as solid as TC or even susvara. Solitaire P was more comfortable than TC. The susvara was the most comfortable on the head.

I would like to compare TC and SoliP again with SoliP having a better/balanced cable off the bartok.

Btw I have compared TC and Susvara off my pass x350.8 speaker amp in the past and found my conclusions basically the same as above. The wild card here is the solitaire P and perhaps it will rise up to match TC with better cabling and being run off the balanced circuit of bartok.
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