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  1. smodtactical

    ETA Mini B Stock sale on now
  2. smodtactical

    Audeze LCD5 vs Audeze LCD4

  3. smodtactical

    HE400SE vs HD650S from Den-Fi
  4. smodtactical

    Bottlehead moreplay vs Audio research reference 5se (early impressions)

    I am totally shocked with the moreplay performance. I built it several months ago but just moved into a new listening space where I am using it more. I am directly comparing it to my ARC ref5se. Rest of the system is yamaha ns5000, pass x350.8 and denafrips terminator OG with v2 board. What I...
  5. smodtactical

    Can Jam Socal 2022 Impressions by Flux of Den-fi "One of the big releases of CanJam SoCal this year was the Expanse, a new open-back planar magnetic headphone from Dan Clark Audio (DCA). I want to disclose I have owned a handful of previous Dan Clark headphone releases, ranging from the original...
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    Focal utopia 2022 review
  7. smodtactical

    ZMF Caldera announced (planar headphone)

    A summary from GoldenOne in conversation with Zach Mehrbach of Golden Sound Audio ( "Caldera is a type of massive volcano - we are using the Volcano theme because the new CAMS (caldera Asymmetrical Magnet structure) Patent Pending Magnet structure is shaped like a...
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