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Marantz 40n Integrated Amplifier Sound Demo, vs Marantz Model 30 integrated Amplifier TSAV

Symphonium x Subtonic Triton ... My thoughts and experiences (From Tyler)

Marantz Model 40n Integrated Amplifier vs Marantz Model 30n Integrated Amplifier Presented by TSAV (Marcello)

LSA Diamond a Kennerton rebranded headphone review by Tylerseclectic

Ikko Opal OH2 IEM thoughts from Tylers eclectic

Marantz 40n Integrated Networked Streaming Amplifier Presented by TSAV

Review of Rosson audio Rad-0 by Tyler's eclectic

HeadAmp GS X mk2 Flagship Headphone Amplifier Presented by TSAV

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Hey friends! Tomorrow April 3rd, 2022 8 am PT, YouTube video impressions drop! I hope you enjoy it.

ZMF Atrium and ZMF Verite open / closed comparison

CanJam NYC 2022 show impressions by Flux

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"Firstly, hello! I like to go by the name of “Flux” online, and without getting too long-winded in my introduction, I bring to you the first of many reviews I look to post on AAC.

This is my second time visiting New York for a CanJam (NYC 2020), although this most recent visit was primarily to visit with friends and colleagues instead of studying every single booth on the Marriott Marquis show floor. "

Schiit releases new mono block power amp. The 'Tyr'

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"Forget the technobabble and buzzword bingo for a sec. Here’s what Tyr is: a monstrous, old-skool, crazy heavy, over-the-top mono speaker amplifier. It uses the best of today’s and yesterday’s technologies to create something totally unique—and It has enough power to run almost anything.

Beyond Overbuilt
55 lbs. 12 lb choke. 160,000uf filter capacitance. 24 150W Toshiba output devices. 7 internal power supply rails, including HV boost rails that uses unique discrete CFP regulators. Sounds like overkill? It is. Tyr is our most insane amplifier ever, designed for driving difficult speakers without breaking a sweat."



Abyss TC review by Ish

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"The Abyss 1266 series has always interested me with its uniqueness. The first time I heard the original 1266 was at a meet, shortly after it was released. I was told the pads need to float but my initial reaction was, “Is this it?” I think the pads floated too much though, as there was next to no bass extension and a gigantic upper bass lift. Beyond the bass, the midrange sounded cavernous, and the treble gritty. This intensely negative impression contrasted by such wide praise on Head-Fi made me curious to try the newest version, the Abyss 1266 Phi TC. "


Ampsandsound Kenzie 2.0 review by Tyler

Focal Clear MG review TSAV + Marcello

ZMF Atrium and ZMF Aeolus comparison

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Tyler compares these two ZMF headphones, check it out.

ARC L/50 review from TSAV (Marcello)

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We have something really special for you premiering right now!

Audio Research I50 Integrated Amplifier & Surprise P50 Announcement during Q&A w/Brandon from ARC!!

Today, I will share my impressions of the Audio Research Corporation I/50 integrated tube amplifier. This video will focus on the build quality, design, and some of my sound impressions about the I/50 paired with my reference full range Sonus faber Olypmica Nova V’s and several headphones. Stick around, as this will be a longer video than usual. We have a special guest Brandon from Audio Research Corporation, for a Q&A with me directly after my impressions on this video. Brandon also talks about the new upcoming P50 Preamplifier from Audio Research in the same 50 lineup as the I/50 for the first time anywhere!

Tylerseclectic is doing a livestream with Zach and Bevin of ZMF

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Check it out.

Tyler discusses ZMF Atrium

ZMF announces Atrium

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Good sound club podcast

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Hey all, please check out the good sound club podcast. It is run by Gaz and Sina and I was greatly honored to be in the episode linked below.
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