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QUAD ERA 1 Planar Magnetic Open Back Headphones impressions

ZMF Caldera review - Forged in Fire

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ZMF headphones is a company that makes high end hand crafted wooden headphones out of Chicago, Illinois. I always wished for a contemporary planar headphone offering from Zach the owner of ZMF as his previous planar offering were the modded fostex t50rp headphones. I never heard said headphone but assumed that a new planar offering from Zach built with his years of headphone making experience would create something truly special. I guess people should start calling me Nostradamus because that headphone now sits before me from the master forge deep in mount doom… the Caldera! Zach was nice enough to temporarily loan me a pair for review and was very clear that there were no strings attached with the review.

Build quality, Comfort, Setup
The Caldera has a...

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