Sonic Visions podcast episode 29! The headphone makers!

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Join Ruck, Gaz and Juan of Aurorous audio, ETA headphones and Auribus acoustics respectively as we discuss a range of topics related to making high end headphones!

Good sound club podcast ep 10

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Have a listen to GSC podcast ep 10 from Gaz

Sonic Visions podcast episode 25

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We are back! Some topics include budget systems, advice you would give to your noobie self and 2 channel room advice.

Good sound club podcast

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Hey all, please check out the good sound club podcast. It is run by Gaz and Sina and I was greatly honored to be in the episode linked below.

Sonic Visions Podcasts episodes 6 to 9

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Sorry, we have a backlog of a bunch of podcasts that were not published to the front page. Will be working on timestamps for these. Feel free to enjoy in their entirety.

Sonic Visions Podcast Episode 5

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Check it out here:

Sonic Visions Podcast Episode 4

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Episode 4 of our podcast can be found here. Great discussion on tubes, headphones and a HUGE DAP with a gold knob:

Sonic Visions podcast episode 2

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In case you missed it, check out episode 2 !

SV Podcast episode 3

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Check out the 3rd episodes of the SV podcast!

Sonic Visions podcast episode 1

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Happy to present our very first episode of the sonic visions podcast! Thanks so much Lana, Tron and Nick! Have a listen right here:

If you have ideas for episode 2 or want to participate please reply here or DM me on the discord.
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