Auribus acoustics Sierra headphone tour

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Hi all, Sonic Visions is hosting a tour of the new Auribus Acoustics Sierra open headphones. This is an all new experience delivering a spacious, detailed sound contrasted by hard hitting subwoofer-like bass, all from a single dynamic driver. Please, give it a try and tell us what you think! If interested in the loaner tour please DM or mention @smodtactical (on our discord) to get added to the list. It will be open to USA (possibly Canada) .


Spiritual sound cables

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Please welcome @CamRector who is the maker of cables at who makes solid silver cables. He has graciously made a SV discount code:

"Hey guys. Just launched my online cable store. Spiritual Sound. Handmade solid silver interconnects, LAN, and power cables. Im very transparent on what I do. No voodoo/funny business. Just ultra high quality meticulously handcrafted cables at a great price. I use Neotech solid silver conductors and AECO low mass/low eddy conductors. Custom helix geometry and everything undergoes a 72hr cryogenic treatment. Hit me up, with any questions or custom needs.

Also for opening launch week I’ll add a Sonic Visions 15% code. Just add Sonic15 at check out!"


ETA Mini B Stock sale on now

ZMF Caldera announced (planar headphone)

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from GoldenOne in conversation with Zach Mehrbach of Golden Sound Audio ( : "Caldera is a type of massive volcano - we are using the Volcano theme because the new CAMS (caldera Asymmetrical Magnet structure) Patent Pending Magnet structure is shaped like a volcano/mountain on one side. This shape allows air to naturally spread out, and maintains a slightly asymmetric magnet force that makes the membrane more nodal, pushing a massive amount of air towards the ear and diffusing it at the same time. In concert with the also Patent Pending Atrium damping system which is also used on the Caldera, you get a linear frequency response, with a massive amount of punch, weight, and natural tones that ZMF is known for for the listener. "

"There's more info coming in the head fi canjam video this week. So make sure to watch that! I will continuously release info and content up to the...

Audeze Euclid Planar Magnetic Closed Back In Ear First Look and Giveaway

DCA Aeon 2 Noire Closed Back Headphone Giveaway Saturday June 18

Yamaha announces NS2000A loudspeakers

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"For the new N-S2000A, Yamaha has drawn on the design of its flagship models to achieve consistent tone color – or tonal balance – across the entire frequency spectrum. The NS-2000A uses the newly developed Harmonious Diaphragm for each speaker unit, which consists of a mix of ZYLON and spruce. While ZYLON has excellent speed, internal dissipation and suppleness properties, spruce is the preferred wood for grand piano soundboards and essential for reproduction. This blend should ensure accurate and true tonal expression across the entire sound spectrum. "

TSAV: Today at 3 pm PT join us for a live stream (Mcintosh MB20 giveaway)

Headamp giveaway!

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Headamp is giving away some Kimber Interconnects to any one who attended one of their meets last month

Schiit releases new mono block power amp. The 'Tyr'

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"Forget the technobabble and buzzword bingo for a sec. Here’s what Tyr is: a monstrous, old-skool, crazy heavy, over-the-top mono speaker amplifier. It uses the best of today’s and yesterday’s technologies to create something totally unique—and It has enough power to run almost anything.

Beyond Overbuilt
55 lbs. 12 lb choke. 160,000uf filter capacitance. 24 150W Toshiba output devices. 7 internal power supply rails, including HV boost rails that uses unique discrete CFP regulators. Sounds like overkill? It is. Tyr is our most insane amplifier ever, designed for driving difficult speakers without breaking a sweat."



ZMF announces Atrium

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Interview with Charlie Randall, Co-CEO of McIntosh by Marcello (TSAV)

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Today is the day we have the one and only Charlie Randall, Co-CEO of McIntosh Group and President of @mcintoshlabs, on our YouTube Channel with us at 12:30 pm PT or 3:30 pm ET. We look forward to you joining us! Link to the Live Stream:

Raal demos new VM-1A Variable Mode Vacuum Tube Ribbon Headphone Amplifier at CanJam NY 2022!

LCD-5 announced

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StyleOver-ear, open-back
Transducer typePlanar Magnetic
Magnetic structureFluxor magnet array
Phase managementFazor
Magnet typeNeodymium N50
Diaphragm typeNano-Scale Parallel Uniforce
Transducer size90 mm
Maximum power handling5W RMS
Maximum SPL>130dB
Frequency response5Hz – 50kHz
THD<0.1% @ 100dB
Impedance14 ohms
Sensitivity90 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)
Minimum power requirement>100mW
Recommended power level>250mW

Hifiman Arya (Stealth magnet edition)

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Hifiman has announced a new version of Arya with stealth magnet technology:


Is this the LCD5 ?

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An Unmatched Audio Experience

For more than a decade, Audeze has been a world leader in headphone technology, producing a quality of sound that stands out to the most discerning audiophile, even among a growing list of competitors.

Audeze's state-of-the-art planar magnetic transducer technology, combined with their proprietary Nano-Scale Uniforce diaphragm and Double Fluxor™ magnet array, achieves an unprecedented level of audio detail and immersion that has to be heard to be believed.

The only thing missing from the unmatched sound quality was a design expression that would help evolve the brand’s pedigree. Audeze turned to Boombang to help them take on the challenge.
Listen in Luxury

Specifically, Audeze was looking to update the design of their flagship LCD line of headphones to...

Dan Clarke stealth headphone

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A new Dan Clarke headphone has been announced

Denafrips Terra masterclock generator

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"Terra is a Master Clock Generator designed for High-End Audio applications. Our design goal was to push the limits of the audio equipment can ever be.
The quality of the CLOCK is one of the profound elements and foundation of superior sonic performance. The lower the jitter, phase noise, as well as stability of the clock, often, improves the sound quality of the digital audio equipment."


YG introduces dual coherent 2

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Press release from YG Acoustics:

February 2021 – YG Acoustics is pleased to announce DualCoherent 2, a significant advance in one of our core and unique technologies.

DualCoherent 2 builds on YG’s industry-leading DualCoherent crossover technology, further optimized through the powerful modeling capabilities of Cambridge Acoustic Sciences (CAS)

Working together with CAS, we measured the electronic and acoustic behavior of our proprietary drive units to an unprecedented accuracy. Leveraging the petaflop compute cluster at CAS, we were able to build detailed models addressing the elaborate interplay of amplifier, crossover, drive units, cabinet and listening room—all simulated playing real, high-resolution music.

Designed and optimized exactingly around the detailed phase and frequency behavior of the YG proprietary drivers, DualCoherent 2 matches phase to an extraordinary level at the crossover point.
In addition...

New Solitaire PSE headphone

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T+A has introduced a more affordable but still very pricey headphone. The Solitiare P-Special edition. RRP will be £3,000. More details to come.

"We certainly intended to differentiate the Solitaire P-SE from its big brother, but not just by its external appearance. That’s why we introduced a modified transducer in addition to the external changes "
- Project Manager, Sebastian Kobel

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