Paul McGowan and Ted Smith discuss Directstream dac Mk2

Interview with Jason Lord (TSAV co-founder)

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Live stream Saturday 1 pm Feb 4, 2023.

Marcello with @ampsandsound Justin Weber at 12 pm PST discussion his new Jinx Tube Amplifier, Red October, Nautilus, and tubes!

Focal Utopia 2022 Live From CanJam SoCal with Chris Shaw from Focal!

DCA Expanse Live From CanJam SoCal 2022 with Dan Clark!

Meze Audio New 109 PRO with MIRCEA FANATAN Managing Director Live from CanJam SoCal 2022 (Marcello of TSAV)!

Rob Watts Chord Electronics Live from CanJam SoCall 2022 (With Marcello of TSAV)

Interview with SonnyMarrow (DIY enthusiast)

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Tylerseclectic is doing a livestream with Zach and Bevin of ZMF

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Check it out.

ETA headphones interview

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This is an older interview but its a great look into this company that values very high performance yet affordable headphones!

Interview with Danny McKinney of Raal Requisite

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Checkout my interview with Danny McKinney of Raal about the upcoming circumaural raal headphone!

Interview with Rune Skov - Sales director at Gryphon audio

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We were very lucky to have the legendary Rune Skov of Gryphon audio have a chat with us about various topics. Please have a listen.

Interview with Michael Borresen

Interview with Parker Litchfield (Senior Engineer at Soundsmith)

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We are extremely lucky to have a very smart audio engineer in our discord community! His name is Parker and he has graciously agreed to do an interview. Hopefully we can make this a bit of regular feature so we can tap into his deep knowledge.

When did you first get into audio? What were your first experiences that pulled you into audio?

My first venture in audio started freshman year of high school. I hooked up my parent’s vintage Polk Monitor 7 speakers that were collecting dust to a Yamaha RX-500U and played music using my phone. I was happy to have a stereo. From there I started thrift shopping and picking up used and broken HiFi equipment. Eventually, I came across a turntable at the goodwill and purchased a shure M97XE cartridge. My first new audio purchase. From there I began collecting records and the rest is history. I guess what pulled me in was the curious nature of a high performance electromechanical system. It was truly fascinating to me at first, and still...
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