Streaming in the Modern Age - Overview, Comparisons and Thoughts

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For the longest time I was a firm believer in offline playback for Hi Res content. I appreciated the flexibility and discovery power of apps like Napster [formally Rhapsody] and Spotify but those services are limited to only lossy.

While there has been a few Hi Res Lossless streaming services available prior to 2019, I really feel this year has seen a surge in them. Not only do we have access to Tidal and Deezer Hifi , but now also Qobuz and Amazon HD music. An for the purpose of my overview and review I will be focusing only on Tidal with and without MQA Rendering, Qobuz and Amazon HD Music using content shared between the three with only the highest BitRate output option in each platform.

I used an iFi xDSD with my HD 600 for listening purposes when exploring each platform. I did listening on both Mobile and Desktop platforms via my Cellular Devices and my Win10 Laptop. As for music I spent a few weeks with each listening to a wide variety of music to get a feel for the...

ADI-2 DAC review by Seltzertronics

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"Hey all. Here's my latest review of the Brothers ADI-2!" Check it out!

Hyland Audio Saturn One Review (By Seltzertronics)

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Review from the awesome Seltzertronics:

DAC 101 with Seltzertronics

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Check out this amazing video by one of our discord goers Seltzertronics, great work!

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