Audeze MM 500 Headphones vs The HEDDphone what headphones for mixing and music listening are better?

Is the MM-500 a mini LCD-5?

Utopia vs Stellia review by Marcello

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Check it out

Audeze MM500 review by Marcello / TSAV

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Check it out:

Review of the SMSL VMV A1 amp and SU9n DAC by Tylerseclectic

Interview with SonnyMarrow (DIY enthusiast)

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Audeze LCD5 vs Focal Utopia (From Marcello)

Good sound club podcast ep 10

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Have a listen to GSC podcast ep 10 from Gaz

Abyss 1266 tc review by Kyle of Den-FI

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"The Abyss 1266 series has always interested me with its uniqueness. The first time I heard the original 1266 was at a meet, shortly after it was released. I was told the pads need to float but my initial reaction was, “Is this it?” I think the pads floated too much though, as there was next to no bass extension and a gigantic upper bass lift. Beyond the bass, the midrange sounded cavernous, and the treble gritty. This intensely negative impression contrasted by such wide praise on Head-Fi made me curious to try the newest version, the Abyss 1266 Phi TC. "

Audeze euclid vs Sennheiser IE900

Meze audio Liric review by Tyler

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Tyler is back with a review of the Liric!

LCD 5 review by Den-Fi (Flux)

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Check out this comprehensive and excellent review by Flux at Den-Fi of the LCD5

"This review has been a challenge for me. I have had an ongoing internal debate in assessing my enjoyment of the headphone in question. I compared frequency response graphs, used equalizer (EQ) profiles from various community members, and traveled to multiple events to spend more time evaluating the LCD-5 on a variety of audio components. Objectively, subjectively, and personally, this headphone has pulled me into multiple directions on how to proceed with a review. "

Sennheiser IE 900 Flagship In-Ears First Look Presented by TSAV

Tyler's thoughts on THIEAUDIO Monach MKII

Audeze Euclid Planar Magnetic Closed Back In Ear First Look and Giveaway

DCA Aeon 2 Noire Closed Back Headphone Giveaway Saturday June 18

Audeze LCD-2 Closed vs. the DCA Aeon 2 Noire Closed-back headphones!

LCD2 Closed back impression by TSAV

An Opulent sound... the Gato FM 8

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An opulent sound. The GATO FM-8 bookshelf loudspeaker.

As I have continued my journey through hi-fi I have noticed my tastes and listening preferences shifting from a sound that is ultra transparent, fast and teeming with microdetail to a sound that focuses more on the liquidity, flow and harmonic bloom of music. My desktop loudspeaker reference is the ATC SCM7. A 2 way bookshelf speaker from the venerable British professional monitor company. It is a fantastic speaker that excels when it comes to pacing and delivering every drop of nuance, clarity and detail that can be startling. The problem? At least in my setup the treble can be at times a touch hot and lead to listening fatigue.

In my search for a more musical richer sounding speaker a name that kept...

ARC I50 Integrated Tube Amplifier and REL Stereo T9x Subwoofers Sound DEMO

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