Sonic Visions Podcasts episodes 6 to 9

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Sorry, we have a backlog of a bunch of podcasts that were not published to the front page. Will be working on timestamps for these. Feel free to enjoy in their entirety.

Audio research reference 5SE Preamplifier impressions

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After recently buying and being utterly blown away by the elekit TU8600S tube amplifier I was really excited to inject some tube magic into my speaker chain. Enter a recently acquired ARC Ref5SE unit that I purchased from a seller in USA. ARC had a look and tested it to ensure it was in good working order. They just replaced the top plate with a thicker one less prone to warping and a Sovtek 6550WE with the Tung Sol tube for the PSU as they preferred it in terms of sonics and reliability of the former.

It was about a 2 month wait but I can say it was absolutely well worth it. Once in my system and given some hours to warm up it was immediately obvious the sound out of both my ATC SCM7s and especially NS5000 had changed significantly from my prior Audio gd HE9 preamp (my power amp is a Pass Labs X350.8) .


Imaging, sound stage
Through the ARC sound completely detached from the speakers and became much larger and diffuse sounding...

LCD-5 announced

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StyleOver-ear, open-back
Transducer typePlanar Magnetic
Magnetic structureFluxor magnet array
Phase managementFazor
Magnet typeNeodymium N50
Diaphragm typeNano-Scale Parallel Uniforce
Transducer size90 mm
Maximum power handling5W RMS
Maximum SPL>130dB
Frequency response5Hz – 50kHz
THD<0.1% @ 100dB
Impedance14 ohms
Sensitivity90 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)
Minimum power requirement>100mW
Recommended power level>250mW

Hifiman Arya (Stealth magnet edition)

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Hifiman has announced a new version of Arya with stealth magnet technology:


Is this the LCD5 ?

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An Unmatched Audio Experience

For more than a decade, Audeze has been a world leader in headphone technology, producing a quality of sound that stands out to the most discerning audiophile, even among a growing list of competitors.

Audeze's state-of-the-art planar magnetic transducer technology, combined with their proprietary Nano-Scale Uniforce diaphragm and Double Fluxor™ magnet array, achieves an unprecedented level of audio detail and immersion that has to be heard to be believed.

The only thing missing from the unmatched sound quality was a design expression that would help evolve the brand’s pedigree. Audeze turned to Boombang to help them take on the challenge.
Listen in Luxury

Specifically, Audeze was looking to update the design of their flagship LCD line of headphones to...

Sonic Visions Podcast Episode 5

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Check it out here:

Sonic Visions Podcast Episode 4

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Episode 4 of our podcast can be found here. Great discussion on tubes, headphones and a HUGE DAP with a gold knob:

Elekit TU8600S impressions

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I got the elekit TU8600S in with most all upgrades in (only thing missing is VCAP CUTF, has odam instead). Tubes are: COSSOR Black Plate 300B, Western Electric ECC83/B759, RCA 12AU7 X 2 (clear Top).

If I have to summarize the amp's sound with 1 word it would be captivating. I wanted to warm up HD800S and inject some musicality into it... the Elekit... well lets just say I am lifting my jaw off the floor after hearing it.

I had some issues initially with a bit of noise and static. I fixed this by doing 2 things. First I took the XLRs out of my denafrips terminator that were connected to my he9, second I added to the tube cage. After doing this the elekit is insanely quiet with a cosmic void like blackground. I honestly think it sounds as quiet as the he9 and possibly even quieter than my pass speaker amp.

The first thing that hits you is this supremely musical tonality throughout the frequency...

Sonic Visions podcast episode 2

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In case you missed it, check out episode 2 !

Dan Clarke stealth headphone

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A new Dan Clarke headphone has been announced

SV Podcast episode 3

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Check out the 3rd episodes of the SV podcast!

Interview with Danny McKinney of Raal Requisite

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Checkout my interview with Danny McKinney of Raal about the upcoming circumaural raal headphone!

Denafrips Terra masterclock generator

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"Terra is a Master Clock Generator designed for High-End Audio applications. Our design goal was to push the limits of the audio equipment can ever be.
The quality of the CLOCK is one of the profound elements and foundation of superior sonic performance. The lower the jitter, phase noise, as well as stability of the clock, often, improves the sound quality of the digital audio equipment."


Sonic Visions podcast episode 1

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Happy to present our very first episode of the sonic visions podcast! Thanks so much Lana, Tron and Nick! Have a listen right here:

If you have ideas for episode 2 or want to participate please reply here or DM me on the discord.

ZMF Pendant review by Marcello Rostagni

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Please check out this review by SV Member Marcello Rostagni of the ZMF Pendant!

YG introduces dual coherent 2

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Press release from YG Acoustics:

February 2021 – YG Acoustics is pleased to announce DualCoherent 2, a significant advance in one of our core and unique technologies.

DualCoherent 2 builds on YG’s industry-leading DualCoherent crossover technology, further optimized through the powerful modeling capabilities of Cambridge Acoustic Sciences (CAS)

Working together with CAS, we measured the electronic and acoustic behavior of our proprietary drive units to an unprecedented accuracy. Leveraging the petaflop compute cluster at CAS, we were able to build detailed models addressing the elaborate interplay of amplifier, crossover, drive units, cabinet and listening room—all simulated playing real, high-resolution music.

Designed and optimized exactingly around the detailed phase and frequency behavior of the YG proprietary drivers, DualCoherent 2 matches phase to an extraordinary level at the crossover point.
In addition...

Interview with Rune Skov - Sales director at Gryphon audio

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We were very lucky to have the legendary Rune Skov of Gryphon audio have a chat with us about various topics. Please have a listen.

Pass labs X350.8 with headphones (HD800S)

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I just want to add today I used the X350.8 to drive the Sennheiser HD800S with an XLR to speaker tap cable from Ted Allen.

My reference amp is the Audio GD HE9. It is a great amplifier that sounds very neutral, spacious and fast. Combined wtih my denafrips terminator dac I think it makes for an excellence tonal balance that is mostly neutral sounding.

Switching to the Pass amp:
Listening to all my reference tracks after allowing about 1 hour warm up I was blown away by the transformation of the sound (HE9 served as the preamp). Before listening I did notice there was a very quiet audible level of noise but when listening to music this proved to not be problematic or overly distracting.

The first thing I noticed about the sound (and my biggest problem point for the HD800S) is the improvement in bass! I remarked upon listening finally there is REAL bass! The bass was better extended, more authoritative with attack and slam and simply more satisfying while remaining...

New Solitaire PSE headphone

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T+A has introduced a more affordable but still very pricey headphone. The Solitiare P-Special edition. RRP will be £3,000. More details to come.

"We certainly intended to differentiate the Solitaire P-SE from its big brother, but not just by its external appearance. That’s why we introduced a modified transducer in addition to the external changes "
- Project Manager, Sebastian Kobel


AKG K371 review

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SV Member MShenay has another great review, check it out:

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