Meze Alba Earphones beautifully crafted for the discerning listener!

Sennheiser HD 620S vs Meze 99 Classics Closed back headphone shootout!

Discover the closed-back Sennheiser HD 620S headphones experience!

Auribus acoustics Sierra headphone tour

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Hi all, Sonic Visions is hosting a tour of the new Auribus Acoustics Sierra open headphones. This is an all new experience delivering a spacious, detailed sound contrasted by hard hitting subwoofer-like bass, all from a single dynamic driver. Please, give it a try and tell us what you think! If interested in the loaner tour please DM or mention @smodtactical (on our discord) to get added to the list. It will be open to USA (possibly Canada) .


Spiritual sound cables

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Please welcome @CamRector who is the maker of cables at who makes solid silver cables. He has graciously made a SV discount code:

"Hey guys. Just launched my online cable store. Spiritual Sound. Handmade solid silver interconnects, LAN, and power cables. Im very transparent on what I do. No voodoo/funny business. Just ultra high quality meticulously handcrafted cables at a great price. I use Neotech solid silver conductors and AECO low mass/low eddy conductors. Custom helix geometry and everything undergoes a 72hr cryogenic treatment. Hit me up, with any questions or custom needs.

Also for opening launch week I’ll add a Sonic Visions 15% code. Just add Sonic15 at check out!"


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The Yamaha R N800A Network Receiver impressions

Woo Audio WA7e Fireflies Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier and DAC!

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Bowers and Wilkins Px7 S2 vs Px7 S2e noise-canceling headphones!

Denon PerL Pro Bluetooth wireless earbuds with personalized sound and lossless audio!

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Electrostatic Headphone Shootout: Audeze CRBN vs. DCA Corina vs. STAX SR 009S. Which headphone wins?

STAX SR-009S Electrostatic Headphones!

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