USB OTG Adapters - Review and Comparison of Common Entry Level Products



Starting with the USB OTG C adapters we have three!

One from iFi Audio

One from Cable Creation

One from Anker

Pictures aside how do they sound when used in conjunction with streaming via Cellular Phone?

Well exactly the same assuming you have no data drop outs. So this review will be focused more so on usability and build over time than sound.
  • iFi Audio
    • Had the best balance of flexibility
    • had the smallest physical footprint, least bulk
    • Had no data drop outs while in my pocket
  • Anker Cables
    • stiff cable, little to no flexibility
    • kinda chunky an short
    • Had the most drop outs unless perfectly stationary on a desk...
  • Cable Creation
    • bulkier than iFi but not as much as Anker
    • "Gold" plating wears off after a few months
    • Longest and most flexible
    • Had some data drop outs while in my pocket
So all in all while there are a lot of brands and options, I do feel the iFi USB C OTG was the best of the three.

It has the thinnest physical connectors so it doesn't add a lot of weight or bulk when I'm using it

Over time, the iFi Cable had the least amount of wear compared to the other two!!

I again felt it had the right balance of flexibility
  • Easy to shape/bend
  • Rigid enough to hold that shape while in my pocket
Often times the Cable Creation was too flexible and would wind up coming up plugged if I was using it with a system in my pocket. An the Anker is just too rigid... I don't feel comfortable bending it to any degree.

This is a case were a higher price up front yields a low cost over time.
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