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So my SOTM 200 ultra is screwing up. Tried reburning the firmware to the microsd so many times but it doesn't start.

Want to get a more reliable streamer thats not so sensitive in terms of microsd/firmware. Want to spend about $4000 or less.

So far thinking at the $2k price point (used)
Bryston BDP2
Bryston BDP Pi
Moon mind 2
Aries G1
Bricasti M5
Lumin U1 Mini

If I stretched my budget to $4k then:
Lumin U1
Aries G2

Any thoughts?
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Have you thought about a Roon Nucleus or Nucleus+? You can attach an external hard-drive and Tidal and Qobuz integrate via Roon. I was such a big fan of Roon, I reached out to become a dealer and added the Nucleus+ to my system and the thing is super stable. is fanless, etc... I only stream Tidal and my own library. The rate occasions I stream Pandora I jsut use my xBox One and since it is Pandora I am not that concerned about sound quality.
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