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Speakers: PC - Topping DX3 Pro Ldac - Presonus Eris 3.5
Headphone: PC - Topping DX3 Pro - Senn HD 6Xx
IEM - Sony WM1A - Electro Acousti 8 core 4.4 2pin - Hidition Viento
On the go - OnePlus 6T - E1DA 9038s - Tin T4 or just Samsung buds on BT from phone.

Headphones: ZMF Vérité Closed Leopardwood, Stax SRM-700mk2, Audeze LCD-3, Sennheiser HD800S, Sennheiser HD6XX, Fidelio X2 IEMS: 64 Audio A12t Earbuds: VEMonks (plus, light, SPC), Yincrow 6X Speakers: Klipsch Forte III, MarkAudio-SOTA Tozzi Ones Streamers: SoTM sMS-200 neo, Chromecast Audio DACs: Schiit Yggdrasil, Chord Qutest Headphone Amps: Elekit TU-8600 RVK, Bottlehead Crack, Byston BHA-1, Stax SR-007Tii, Speaker Amps: First Watt F5 (diy), Bottlehead SEX Portable: A&K SP-1000M, Korg Nu:Teck HA-1, FiiO Q5s Power: Tacima Mains conditioners, ifi AC Purifier Cables: Atlas interconnects, Mogami interconnects, Amazon Basic speaker cables Digital Source: Roon, local files and Qobuz

Analog: Fluance RT-82 w/ Ortofon OM-10 cartridge, Yamaha A-S301 (integrated amp w/ phono pre amp), Wharfedale Diamond 225.

Analog: SS MCP2 + Thorens TD-160 + SME 3009 S2 Improved + Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star
Digital: Pi2AES (I2S) + Rockna Wavedream Edition Balanced
Amp: Pass INT25
Speakers: Klipsch Forte 3

Headphones: Susvara, Arya, HD800-S, Moondrop Blessings
Monitors: Focal Alpha 80's (with Sonarworks room correction)
Digital chain: Music NAS --> Roon Core --> HQPlayer Upsampling --> Networked endpoint (RoPieeeXL) with Pi2AES
DACs: Holo Audio May (Wildism Edition), RME ADI-2 DAC fs, Pioneer XDP 300-R
Amps: Benchmark AHB2, THX AAA 789

Soekris 1541 > Schitt Vidar > Lundahl Electrostatic Transformer > STAX SR-007 2.9

Hifi Dreams:
My favorite SE chain right now: $38 Tempotec Sonata HD Pro -> $149 Gashelli Archel2 Pro -> $2 IEMs

Holy Diver:
Pixel 3 -> eBay USB C to headphone adapter -> black PortaPro

Software: MusicBee / Roon
Digital: Gustard U16
DAC: Rockna Wavedream Balanced, Dangerous Convert 2, Soekris dac1541
Amplifier: Pass Labs INT25, Niimbus US 4+, KGSSHV Carbon Black, Flux FA-10
Speakers: Klipsch Forte III
Headphones: Susvara, LCD4, HE1Kv1, Stax 007a, Shangri La Jr., Borealis, HD800S, Focal Utopia, HE 6 4 screw, Empyrean, 6x0 sennys

Surface book 2015 transport -> Music player software : wtfplay -> Uptone uspcb usb cable -> Apogee groove dac Burson fun with sparkos ss3601 opamps -> Shure srh1540, hd800 headphones
IEMS: vsonic gr07

Streamer/DAC: PS Audio Directstream Junior fed by custom ethernet switch with independent power supply
Cambridge Azur 752BD Bluray/CD player
Schiit Freya+ preamp OR Denafrips Athena
CODA No. 8 Version 1 stereo amp
B&W 804 D3 floorstanders
Audioquest Yukon 1.5 meter XLR interconnects
Transparent Wave 2.5 meter speaker cables
PS Audio Dectet power conditioner
Custom Oyaide brand 1.5 meter power cables

Headphone: OPPO PM-1
IEMs:Moondrop Starfield, FAAEAL Hibiscus
Digital Source: FLAC

HHD W4TB > Mac Mini > Roon Server > Netgear router > Pink Faun > SOtM sms-200 Ultra SE > sps-500 SMPS > Mytek Brooklyn > Sbooster MK II LPS > ZMF Cocobolo Auteurs / Focal Clear. Audioquest Cat 7 and Pangea Audio AC 9 MKII Power cords Stock HP cables(edited)

B&O RX2 turntable with custom high output soundsmith cartridge+ soundsmith MMP3 phono stage.
Digital: RME HDSP9632, SMSL su8v2
Preamp: Digital volume control for digital, DIY pass b1 for analog
Amps: Hypex NC400 mono kits, heavily modified Tandberg 3036A
Speakers: JBL studio 590 and Celestion DL12 series 2

Dragon Inspire IHA-1 -> HD800 SDR
F5 Turbo -> HE6
Cayin IHA6 -> ZMF Blackwood
Two channel:
Pass XA25 -> Klipschorn
Tandberg 2075 -> Klipsch Cornwalls
Modi -> JBL LSR305
Antelope Zodiac Gold and Silver
Soekris dac1541

Software: JRMC / Qobuz Digital: Focusrite Rednet D16 DAC: Yggdrasil A2 Preamp: None (Goldpoint SA1 as backup) Amplifier: Pass Labs XA25 Speakers: Dynaudio Confidence C1 Platinum Headphones: HD650, HD600, HD800, KSC75, PortaPro Other stuff: Valhalla 2

Portable: Shure SRH1540s and an iFi iDSD BL
RME ADI-2 Pro DAC to the Audio-GD > HD650, HD800S, LCD3

Streamer: Lumin u1 mini (Keces P8 ext PSU)
Digital to digital converter: Audio GD DI20HE
Dac: Denafrips terminator
Preamplifier: Audio GD HE9
Amplifier: Pass Labs X350.8
Speakers: Yamaha NS5000
Subwoofers: dual PSA V1800s
Headphones: HD800S, Atticus

Headphones: hd800sdr, code X, hd650
CIEMS: Noble k10 Encore Speakers: A77X
DACs: Rockna Wave dream Signature Edition Balanced, Dangerous Music Convert 2
Headphone Amps: Eddie Current studio SET
Cables: Roberston Audio Cable loom Digital
Source: Sonic frontiers sft-1 SE+

Focal Utopia HP's through Soundaware P1 amp through LKS 004 DAC

Dual cs-627-> Pioneer A-60/ Teac X-1000 -> Macintosh Mac1900-> JVC VS-5343

Panasonic Urban Audio Mini System
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