Magico M2 vs M3


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I heard the M2 and was very impressed by it but I wonder about the M3. At least one listener heard both and actually felt the M2 was the superior speaker!

"I used M Project before but changed to M6 for over a year.

I have heard S7 and M3 in a few occasions, such as in dealer showroom and in HiFi Show. M3 is much more refined and has higher resolution. Don’t be fouled by its relatively small cabinet size. It has a very big sound and very strong bass.

Also just heard M2 in Munich Hiend Show in two rooms. M2 is actually better than M3, it has all the advantages of M3 but has a warmer sound. The resolution is even higher. Until you have a fairly large room, such as over 800 sq ft, M2 is the speaker of choice.

M2 uses carbon fibre monocoque cabinet, while M3 is more traditional aluminium. This is exactly the same difference for M6 and M Project.

M6 has a warmer sound and more detailed presentation than M Project. This difference goes to M2 vs M3 as well."
Has anyone here heard both? What do you think ?
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