I might be crazy


I am moving after 26 years in one house. Home theater and two channel stereo in same room but sperate systems.

I just pulled all the interconnects without documenting a thing, not even a photo to guide me.

Why did I do that?

I know better.

We have to be out in four days, I'm just tossing things in the Pod as fast as I can.

Pray to the audio Gods for me.


Moved into new house, and have some sanity left.

Stereo and HT not hooked up yet, it will be a while as we are living out of boxes.

I have mastered the 3 minute egg and steamed potatoes and lost 10 pounds from the move but have more gray hair.

Life is good on the river, and the 32' X 12' deck is awesome. So much wild life, I'm turning into a bird watcher.


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Are you going to run speakers from a second zone in the HT out to the deck? I did in my old house (pre divorce) and was quite happy with the result.


Nope, older people like myself like the peace and quite. Kitchen window opens to the deck, we can always pump in music from there (above refigerator stereo system) at moderate volumes if need be. Different world going from being 30 to 60 years old.

Keep off my grass and all that- haha.


UPDATE: Stereo still not hooked up.

I built a table, a small dock and assembled a lot of furniture/shelves.

I'm going to have to visit a dealer to hear some tunes soon.

Meanwhile, a two hour kayak trip up and down the river helps.
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