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  1. smodtactical

    Tonda Vimberg-D and Tidal Contriva G2 impressions

    Got a chance to listen to the Vimberg Tonda-D (TD) and Tidal Contriva G2 (CG2) today and wanted to share my thoughts. Upon seeing both speakers I was immediately impressed with the fit and finish especially with the CG2. Placing hands on the cabinet and tapping each of them it was nearly as if...
  2. smodtactical

    Best bang for the buck used speakers under $50k ?

    I am eager to hear your speakers. I know every company virutally loves Be tweeters but I just want to get away from them if possible just because they make me uncomfortable. Keep thinking one day my tweeter will blow and spray Be dust everywhere. I really wonder what you will choose between the...
  3. smodtactical

    Best bang for the buck used speakers under $50k ?

    Hey thanks, ya im pretty impressed with magico but I actually am thinking of getting away from beryllium just because I don't like that its a toxic substance if inhaled lol. Definitely want to hear the Raidhos.
  4. smodtactical

    Thanks for the invite

    Welcome to the forum, will make you your own subforum!
  5. smodtactical

    Speaker recommendation thread (Organised by tiers of price)

    The aim of this thread is to create a list of speakers that people enjoy and recommend and to organise the speakers into a list based on their MSRP. Please recommend speakers that you have personally heard or own and enjoy. I will add the names of the users who recommend a speaker next to the...
  6. smodtactical

    The ultimate subwoofer battle: S7201 vs Captivator 4000ULF (Anyone do a comparison) Anyone compare these two monstrosities ? Seems like it would be a truly epic battle.
  7. smodtactical

    Persona 9H, Wilson DAW and Aida impressions

    The m2 was incredible but lets put things into perspective... those speakers cost $60k - $70k usd ! For that price they better be amazing LOL. Anyhow I heard a few speakers today: Persona 9H: 9H looked big and impressive with the glowing P symbol at the base of the tower. It was connected to a...
  8. smodtactical

    ADI-2 DAC review by Seltzertronics

    "Hey all. Here's my latest review of the Brothers ADI-2!" Check it out!
  9. smodtactical

    Denafrips Terminator Review

    About me (audio experience history) I’ve been in the audio game for about 10 years. I am mainly am a PC music lover. I just love listening to high end audio at my desk. I started with a superlux 668B and a cheap laptop. Even with those humble headphones I remember being surprised how much...
  10. smodtactical

    Hyland Audio Saturn One Review (By Seltzertronics)

    Review from the awesome Seltzertronics:
  11. smodtactical

    Magico M2 vs M3

    I heard the M2 and was very impressed by it but I wonder about the M3. At least one listener heard both and actually felt the M2 was the superior speaker! Has anyone here heard both? What do you think ?
  12. smodtactical

    My Measurements

    So I did some measurements of my system and would appreciate any insights. They can all be downloaded here. All measurements are an average of 4 sweeps. Mains + subs and without subs: Left and right channels individually, no subs...
  13. smodtactical

    Emerald Physics - how do you like them?

    For those that heard them what do you think? How do they compare to modern box speakers of similar pricing? I did hear the EP 4.8 with the carbon drivers and was pretty impressed. Thanks!
  14. smodtactical

    Hello! Good to be here~

    Kach22i is really active on these boards. He's the man !
  15. smodtactical

    What are the 3 best speakers you've ever heard?

    You mentioned liking OB speakers. Have you heard Nola or Emerald physics ?
  16. smodtactical

    The Cave

    Awww, I like that women analogy :D
  17. smodtactical

    The Cave

    Interesting, so they sound better to your ears?
  18. smodtactical

    The Cave

    Nice looking ML panels. How do they sound ? Love the lighting.
  19. smodtactical

    What are the 3 best speakers you've ever heard?

    Their persona series is really impressive.
  20. smodtactical

    The Cave

    Lights are a nice touch, my LED strip broke that was in my room, gotta get another and copy you! I put mine around the ceiling.
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