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  1. kach22i

    I might be crazy

    I am moving after 26 years in one house. Home theater and two channel stereo in same room but sperate systems. I just pulled all the interconnects without documenting a thing, not even a photo to guide me. Why did I do that? I know better. We have to be out in four days, I'm just tossing...
  2. kach22i

    Old Mac CD player - Fix it or toss it?

    The dang CD drawer has a mind of it's own, it keeps pulling in as I go to place a CD on the tray. I had this problem fixed twice by the local shop over the years but it never seems to last long. MCD-7009, not really going to toss it, but want to get it fixed and gone over properly once my move...
  3. kach22i


    Wilson Benesch Introduces the GMT ONE Turntable Featuring the Most Accurate Drive System Ever Developed for a Turntable May 7th, 2019...
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