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  1. smodtactical

    New Denafrips products

    Denafrips is hard at work cranking out new products which include the Avatar CD transport, Athena flagship preamp and Thallo stereo poweramp. Avatar: Technical Highlights Proprietary FPGA DSP Processing Architecture FIFO Buffer and Reclock with Internal Crystal FEMTO Crystal...
  2. smodtactical

    MSB announces S202 Stereo amplifier

    "After the astounding success and performance of the S500 Stereo Amplifier, we set our sights on expanding that sound to more systems. Trickle-down technologies incorporated into a more compact, lower-power framework resulted in the S202. It’s capable of meeting our DAC’s ultra high dynamic...
  3. smodtactical

    Magico announces new driver design

    Magico has release a short video highlighting a new driver design using an aluminum honeycomb layer. Check it out: There is speculation that this may be a part of an upcoming magic of m series flagship tba next year.
  4. smodtactical

    Pre-Amp recommendation thread (organized by price tiers)

    Please feel free to recommend pre-amps and if possible say a few words of what you liked about them. Will slot it into this list. [<$500] [$500-$1,000] [$1000-5000] [$5000-$10,000] [$10,000-$20,000] [$20,000-$50,000] [>$50,000]
  5. smodtactical

    Amp Recommendation thread (organized by price tiers)

    Please feel free to recommend Speaker Amps and if possible say a few words of what you liked about them. Will slot it into this list. [<$500] [$500-$1,000] Schiit Aegir (Robdrasil650) [$1000-5000] [$5000-$10,000] [$10,000-$20,000] [$20,000-$50,000] [>$50,000]
  6. smodtactical

    DAC Recommendation thread (organized by price tiers)

    Please feel free to recommend DACs and if possible say a few words of what you liked about them. Will slot it into this list. [<$500] [$500-$1,000] [$1000-5000] Schiit Yggdrasil (Robdrasil650, Josh Mo) Denafrips Terminator (Smodtactical) [$5000-$10,000] [$10,000-$20,000] Bricasti M1SE...
  7. smodtactical

    Member audio chains

    Audiophool: Speakers: PC - Topping DX3 Pro Ldac - Presonus Eris 3.5 Headphone: PC - Topping DX3 Pro - Senn HD 6Xx IEM - Sony WM1A - Electro Acousti 8 core 4.4 2pin - Hidition Viento On the go - OnePlus 6T - E1DA 9038s - Tin T4 or just Samsung buds on BT from phone. Baseonmars: Headphones: ZMF...
  8. smodtactical

    Raal impression video from SV member 'Bloom'

    Please find an impressions video of the Raal Sr1a ribbon headphones from Andrew DiMarcangelo of Bloom audio. His site is linked here: Bloom Audio
  9. smodtactical

    Denafrips announces new DDC, Iris and Gaia

    Denafrips based in China in partnership with Vinshine Audio out of Singapore has announced 2 new digital to digital converters. The entry level Iris and flagship Gaia. More details and links below: The Iris is approx: $472 USD and features: Technical Highlights Proprietary FPGA DSP...
  10. smodtactical

    Rockna wavedream balanced signature vs Denafrips Terminator (with v3 dsp board)

    Please find this high end DAC head to head done by SV member Xecuter over here: Rockna Wavedream vs Denafrips Terminator
  11. smodtactical

    Interview with Parker Litchfield (Senior Engineer at Soundsmith)

    We are extremely lucky to have a very smart audio engineer in our discord community! His name is Parker and he has graciously agreed to do an interview. Hopefully we can make this a bit of regular feature so we can tap into his deep knowledge. When did you first get into audio? What were your...
  12. smodtactical

    Yamaha NS5000 Impressions

    Beautiful and majestic. Two words that come to mind when thinking about the NS5000. And if I had to be brief with my overall thoughts I would simply state those two words and head back into my listening room. I first heard the NS5000 at the toronto audio fest 2019. I recall a massive huge hall...
  13. smodtactical

    Impressions of the Spendor D7.2

    I had the opportunity to visit a true gentlmen recently at Vinyl Sound in Richmond hill, Ontario. Daniel Kuburovski the owner of this audiophile haven who enthuastically invited me to audition his spendor D7.2 on the phone when I asked him about them. This was a stark contrast from another store...
  14. smodtactical

    Terminator DSP board upgrade impressions

    After having my terminator dsp upgrade board for months and never getting around to finally upgrading it the day finally came. The upgrade process was pretty straight forward... probably the toughest part was sliding the denafrips beast out and back into my rack! I took out 2 screws, popped the...
  15. smodtactical

    Impressions of the Talis S300

    So heard the Talis by T+A electroakustic at Angies audio corner. They were connected to an N100h network player and T+A PA3100 integrated amp and dac. Nate the rep there was super helpful in quickly getting things connected and setup and I listened to Tidal. Now he didn't do fine room...
  16. smodtactical

    Impressions of the Sonja 1.3

    I had the privilege of hearing the YG Sonja 1.3 system at my local dealer just a few days ago and was thoroughly impressed by these towering imposing looking speakers. The gentlemen who I will call 'R' was firstly extremely inviting and very knowledgeable. What I really appreciated about him is...
  17. smodtactical

    High value, giant killer speakers?

    What speakers have you heard at any price did you find are fairly priced or a great deal and competed with offerings much more expensive (2x, 3x, 4x etc)?
  18. smodtactical

    Need a new streamer

    So my SOTM 200 ultra is screwing up. Tried reburning the firmware to the microsd so many times but it doesn't start. Want to get a more reliable streamer thats not so sensitive in terms of microsd/firmware. Want to spend about $4000 or less. So far thinking at the $2k price point (used)...
  19. smodtactical

    Tonda Vimberg-D and Tidal Contriva G2 impressions

    Got a chance to listen to the Vimberg Tonda-D (TD) and Tidal Contriva G2 (CG2) today and wanted to share my thoughts. Upon seeing both speakers I was immediately impressed with the fit and finish especially with the CG2. Placing hands on the cabinet and tapping each of them it was nearly as if...
  20. smodtactical

    Speaker recommendation thread (Organised by tiers of price)

    The aim of this thread is to create a list of speakers that people enjoy and recommend and to organise the speakers into a list based on their MSRP. Please recommend speakers that you have personally heard or own and enjoy. I will add the names of the users who recommend a speaker next to the...
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