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ampsandsound Nautilus Flagship Personal Audio Integrated tube amplifier!

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I hope you enjoy this one! This is a long video as I compare to the Pendant, and Mogwai OG as well as discuss the Nautilus's quality of sound with several headphones.

Have a great weekend friends.

Hifiman Arya (Stealth magnet edition)

Is this the LCD5 ?

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An Unmatched Audio Experience

For more than a decade, Audeze has been a world leader in headphone technology, producing a quality of sound that stands out to the most discerning audiophile, even among a growing list of competitors.

Audeze's state-of-the-art planar magnetic transducer technology, combined with their proprietary Nano-Scale Uniforce diaphragm and Double Fluxor™ magnet array, achieves an unprecedented level of audio detail and immersion that has to be heard to be believed.

The only thing missing from the unmatched sound quality was a design expression that would help evolve the brand’s pedigree. Audeze turned to Boombang to help them take on the challenge.
Listen in Luxury

Specifically, Audeze was looking to update the design of their flagship LCD line of headphones to...

Tambaqui vs Rockna WD sig bal

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Cross posted from my stereonet impressions:

Hi Guys,

So I managed to go see @GC HiFi (Gold Coast audio dealer) twice in the last few weeks and have to say Terry is a great dealer and host! He has set up some world class systems to show off in his beautiful home.

Session 1:

The first visit was fantastic, we listened to the Atc scm11 active speakers with S series antipodes stack and ps audio mono blocks, this is a fantastic little system, sounding far more expansive and weighty than it really should with the incredible mid-range detail that the ATC range renders so well . For entry level hifi or small rooms I would be definitely recommending the 11s.


Sonic Visions Podcast Episode 5

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Check it out here:

Rosson Audio Design RAD 0 Headphones; a Radical Planar Magnetic Headphone listening experience?

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Hey guys! I hope you enjoy my take on the Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 Planar Magnetic Headphones!

Sonic Visions Podcast Episode 4

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Episode 4 of our podcast can be found here. Great discussion on tubes, headphones and a HUGE DAP with a gold knob:

Elekit TU8600S impressions

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I got the elekit TU8600S in with most all upgrades in (only thing missing is VCAP CUTF, has odam instead). Tubes are: COSSOR Black Plate 300B, Western Electric ECC83/B759, RCA 12AU7 X 2 (clear Top).

If I have to summarize the amp's sound with 1 word it would be captivating. I wanted to warm up HD800S and inject some musicality into it... the Elekit... well lets just say I am lifting my jaw off the floor after hearing it.

I had some issues initially with a bit of noise and static. I fixed this by doing 2 things. First I took the XLRs out of my denafrips terminator that were connected to my he9, second I added to the tube cage. After doing this the elekit is insanely quiet with a cosmic void like blackground. I honestly think it sounds as quiet as the he9 and possibly even quieter than my pass speaker amp.

The first thing that hits you is this supremely musical tonality throughout the frequency...

Sonic Visions podcast episode 2

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In case you missed it, check out episode 2 !

Dan Clarke stealth headphone

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A new Dan Clarke headphone has been announced

SV Podcast episode 3

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Check out the 3rd episodes of the SV podcast!

Interview with Danny McKinney of Raal Requisite

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Checkout my interview with Danny McKinney of Raal about the upcoming circumaural raal headphone!

SCHIIT LOKIUS 6-BAND BALANCED TONE CONTROL, First Impressions and MR HiFi Hangout live stream!

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Hey friends! If anyone is around this evening at 6:30 pm PT I will be hosting a live stream discussing my first impressions on the Schiit Lokius! Hope to see you there!


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I hope you enjoy my take on the Meze Empyrean!


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I hope you enjoy my thoughts on these headphones and how they compare to the ZMF Verite and Rosson Audio Rad-0!!!

Denafrips Terra masterclock generator

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"Terra is a Master Clock Generator designed for High-End Audio applications. Our design goal was to push the limits of the audio equipment can ever be.
The quality of the CLOCK is one of the profound elements and foundation of superior sonic performance. The lower the jitter, phase noise, as well as stability of the clock, often, improves the sound quality of the digital audio equipment."


Koss ESP/95X Headphones From Drop; Electrostatic Ecstasy for your ears?

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I hope you enjoy! Koss ESP/95X Headphones From Drop; Electrostatic Ecstasy for your ears?

Sonic Visions podcast episode 1

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Happy to present our very first episode of the sonic visions podcast! Thanks so much Lana, Tron and Nick! Have a listen right here:

If you have ideas for episode 2 or want to participate please reply here or DM me on the discord.

ZMF Pendant review by Marcello Rostagni

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Please check out this review by SV Member Marcello Rostagni of the ZMF Pendant!

Aurorus Borealis Review

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Hey All,

Here are my thoughts on the Bori. Hope you all enjoy it!

Aurorus Borealis – Dynamically Classic

Borealis – or Bori for short, is the creation of Aurorus Audio, a small but ambitious headphone shop with a very simple premise – to deliver high-end listening experiences without the stratospheric price tag commanded by most TOTL headphones. In doing so, they have created a very interesting headphone that succeeds in that endeavor, with some caveats.


First up – the styling. I struggle to think that there would be someone who would look at this headphone and not find it polarizing. The Bori looks as though two trash can lids were cut out to make room for drivers. Its frame looks like it was taken from those toys you played with at the Doctors office as a child (you know the ones). And its headband…well let us just say that the Bori would earn a 5-star crash test rating from the IIHS. Its Industrial, its minimalist, and I think...
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